Nijmeegs Studentenkoor Alphons Diepenbrock

Open rehearsals

Since we can sing physically again, there will be open rehearsals again from 25 January onwards! For more info see here:

First next concert:

  • Fauré’s Requiem and various other pieces
    On Saturday 18 June 2022, the Nijmeegs Studentenkoor Alphons Diepenbrock (NSKAD) will perform the Requiem by Fauré, which can be considered one of Fauré’s masterpieces.  The concert, conducted by Gilles Michels, will take place in the Groenestraatkerk in Nijmegen. The French composer Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) described his Requiem as “a very human feeling of hope in eternal peace”. This is in contrast to most other requiems, which depict damnation and mourning. This can be heard in the subdued beautiful sounds of his Requiem: “It does not express the fear of death. Someone even called it a lullaby of death.” The […]

The recording of the winter concert is online

We have been able to give a concert again. Below is the beautiful recording. Want to hear more? Then take a look at our recordings.


For more than 80 years (since 1937), students from Nijmegen have been singing with great pleasure all kinds of classical works, since 1974 under the name Nijmegen Student Choir Alphons Diepenbrock. On average, the NSKAD gives two major concerts a year. It sings diverse works from modern experiments to classical masterpieces. At times overwhelming with an orchestra, at other times intimate a cappella. In addition to our own large concerts, the NSKAD also gives a number of smaller performances every year, ranging from singing Christmas Carols to enhancing various activities in and around Nijmegen with our music. Since September 2019, the NSKAD has been under the inspiring baton of Gilles Michels. In addition to musicality, we also find conviviality very important. In the first place, this means that every week after rehearsals we go for a drink at café De Kluizenaar to talk about some more. In addition, the choir also has a rich associational life with many committees that organize activities, write a choir magazine and take care of the foreign trips. Students, also from outside Nijmegen, are always welcome to join our choir! Feel free to drop by during our rehearsals on Tuesday evening and you can find more information about it here (coming soon). We hope to welcome you at one of our concerts or rehearsals!