Of course, our choir also has several sociable committees to organise all kinds of activities and support the board. Below is an overview with (almost) all committees.

Activity committee

The activity committee organises all kinds of fun things to bring the choir members closer together. Examples are introduction activities, diner roulers, afterparties, and an open stage night. All-in all, fun events to both organize and attend!


Acquisition committee

This committee looks for new possible sources of income for the choir.


Bianca Castafiore

The one and only magazine of our choir, the Bianca Castafiore, appears twice a year. This magazine is filled with interesting facts about our repertoire, personal confessions, stories, photos and notorious quotes from members.


Concert committe

This committee is incredibly important to let our concert days run smoothly. In short, they organise everything surrounding the concert day, like promotion of concerts, program booklets and volunteers.


Lustrum committee

This special committee  is one that only exists once every 5 years: the lustrum committee! In 2022, the choir will celebrate it’s 85th anniversary. This calls for a celebration! Special activities await us, but it’s up tot his committee to come up with what these will be.


Publicity committee

The publicity committee helps the secretary with promoting the choir. They do things like updating social media, the website, and making promotional videos. In this committee you can use a lot of creativity!

Within this committee is the web committee, which is responsible for this website and other digital things like email hosting and payment systems.


Travel committee

Normally once every two years a trip is organised by the travel committee. Last trip we went to Nancy, France, and performed Mozart’s Requiem there with the local student orchestra. It’s important to start preperations on time, as it would be great to collaborate with a foreign student choir or orchestra next year!



De repertoirecommissie brainstormt over het uit te voeren repertoire en geeft hierover advies aan het bestuur. Tevens informeert zij iedereen over de achtergrond van het repertoire en de componist(en). Als je zelf een suggestie voor het repertoire wilt doen, meld je dan vooral!


Weekend committee

Every year the weekend committee organises an amazing choir weekend: a weekend full of singing and especially a lot of activities and ‘gezelligheid’. Joining is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow choir members.

Beyond that, every year a fun camping trip is organised near Nijmegen in the summer. These weekends are a great way to round of the choir year together.


The last two are purely internal committees that assist the board in their tasks.

Audit committee

This committee checks the treasurer’s accounts. Furthermore, this committee can help if there are any ambiguities that the treasurer encounters.

Advisory committee

This committee exists to provide solicited or unsolicited advice to the board on a variety of issues.