Come sing with us!

Come to our open rehearsals!

At the beginning of each new concert series, there are open rehearsals. For anyone who is interested, this is an excellent opportunity to sing along! We will start working on the new repertoire and we welcome you to start rehearsing with us during both (or one of) the open rehearsals so see if you would like to join us.

You can find the upcoming open rehearsals down below:

If you already know that you are going to come, we would appreciate it if you let us know. Then we can take that into account in terms of sheet music, and you will get another reminder by e-mail when it’s almost time.

Sign up here!

When and where do the rehearsals take place?

Rehearsals are every Tuesday evening from 19:45 to 22:15 in the student church at the Radboud University. This location is wheelchair accessible, see this website for more details.

Who can become a member?

Every student under 35 years of age who likes to sing may become a member. Singing experience is not required, sociability is certainly welcome. You do not have to do an audition. After signing up you will do a voice test with the conductor. The purpose of the voice test is to make sure that you are in the voice group that fits your voice best. Furthermore, we are also occasionally looking for guest singers to balance the vocal groups, so if you are not a student (or ≥ 35 years old) but are interested, please let us know!

What does it cost?

The membership fee is €70 per semester for students and €120 per semester for PhD’s/graduates.

If money is a barrier for you to become a member, you can contact the board, we are happy to support you and to find a solution.