App and browser extension

App SponsorKliks

With SponsorKliks on your phone or tablet, the chance that you forget to SponsorKlik decreases.

You will see the SponsorKliks icon between the other apps and you will receive a notification when a transaction has been made and money for Nijmeegs Studentenkoor Alphons Diepenbrock has been received.
This way you can easily check how much your transaction has contributed.
In the app you can set which notifications you want to receive.

In the app, the total commission amount is always immediately visible and you can click through to see all transactions.

The app is available for Android and
Apple. After installing the app you select your club and save it.
Every time you go to a shop from the app, SponsorKliks knows that the commission has to go to Nijmeegs Studentenkoor Alphons Diepenbrock.
Through the menu at “message settings” you can indicate which notifications you want to receive or not.

Browser extension

Waar dient de Chrome browser-extensie voor?

This has been developed to stimulate the use of SponsorKliks as much as possible and to ensure that people will not easily “forget” to make a purchase without using SponsorKliks. This will ensure that NSKAD will generate more revenue.

Click here to install the Chrome version (also for Edge)

The travel category earns the most commission, and within the travel category, Booking earns the most. If you visit that website directly, a popup is shown so you can still SponsorKlick and the commission is not lost.

How does the extension work?

It is important that you first install the extension from the Chrome Web Store and then set the commission to go to Nijmeegs Studentenkoor Alphons Diepenbrock.

Suppose you go directly to Booking (so you forget to do this via the Sponsor click page of your sponsor target) then a pop up will appear that lets you choose whether you want to sponsor your target or not. When you choose “Yes, I sponsor for free” you will be linked to the website of the shop and after a purchase a commission amount for NSKAD will be honoured.

The webshops that you can tick or untick will be added to the bookmark bar of your browser as soon as you tick them.
As soon as you want to make a purchase for one of these webshops, you click on the order button of the shop in question and the purchase will automatically benefit the sponsor target you have set.
You do not have to go to SponsorKliks first.

The same happens if you choose the option “New window with commission”. Every time you open a new window you will see the total commission of NSKAD and the logos of the main shop. When you click on a logo, the code of NSKAD is automatically added so SponsorKliks knows that the commission from your purchase must go to us.