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NSKAD is singing female composers

Friday the 23th of June another concert of the NSKAD will take place! This year’s summer concert will focus on female composers. Where previously the NKSAD often only performs large pieces by male composers, female composers will now be put in the spotlight. The repertoire ranges from the intimate pieces of Amy Beach, Lili Boulanger, Clara Schumann and Hildegard von Bingen to the Mass in A minor by Imogen Holst. Hopefully you will come to the concert to get acquainted with all the beauty that these composers have to offer!

The NSKAD consists of about 40 members who all have a click with classical music. The choir consists mainly of students, with a variety of backgrounds and studies. Because of the intensive rehearsals and the close ties between the choir members, the concerts are of a high level.


The reduced ticket is meant for students or people who are not able to pay the regular tickets.
If you want to support the choir, please select a sponsor ticket. All profits will go to the choir so we can have more beautiful concerts!

Date and time

23 June 2023
Start at 20:00
Church opens at 19:30


Graafseweg 276, Nijmegen