Nijmegen Student Choir Alphons Diepenbrock


For over 80 years students from Nijmegen have been singing many classical pieces, in a choir that since 1974 bears the name Nijmeegs Studentenkoor Alphons Diepenbrock (NSKAD). The Nijmegen Students’ Choir gives on average two large concerts each year. Sometimes majestically with an orchestra, sometimes intimately acapella. Besides these large concerts, the NSKAD gives several smaller performances during the year. These vary from singing Christmas Carols to contributing to some of the many cultural activities in and around Nijmegen. Since 2019 NSKAD is conducted by Gilles Michels.

Singing together, naturally, is not the only thing the choir does: getting to know each other and having fun are equally important. This means, for example, that after each rehearsal we will go to one of the local pubs to have a drink and talk (about music). The choir also has a association tradition, with many committees that organise a plethora of activities, writhe a choir magazine and set up a choir tour. Students, also those that study outside Nijmegen, are more than welcome to join the choir! Feel free to join during one of our rehearsals on Tuesday evening. You can find more information on this page. We hope to see you on one of our concerts or rehearsals.


  • NSKAD’s January

    NSKAD’s January

    After everyone has survived their Christmas vacation and has sung quite a few Christmas carols, January meant a return to business as usual for the choir. We have started rehearsing the repertoire for our summerLees verder »
  • Retrospect on the winter concerts of 2019

    Retrospect on the winter concerts of 2019

    NSKAD can reminisce fondly about the winter concerts of 2019. Together with mixed choir Vokollage (a part of E.S.M.G. Quadrivium) we were able to have a beautiful programme be heard. Two times even! On SaturdayLees verder »
  • Rehearsal days NSKAD and Vokollage

    Rehearsal days NSKAD and Vokollage

      By now NSKAD and Eindhoven’s Vokollage have had to joint rehearsals to prepare for the upcoming concerts. Led by the enthusiastic Gilles Michels and Donia Surowiec, the two choirs have worked hard to beLees verder »

Corona update

We will start rehearsing again in September. This will be according to the guidelines by Choir Network Netherlands (in Dutch). We will work with short, six-week long projects in which we will rehearse for five weeks and end with an (online) performance in the sixth week. The last project will end with a concert on location with an audience.

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