Meet two of our international members

Seeing as we’re fast approaching the January open rehearsals, we asked two of our international members to share their experience in the choir.

Could you introduce yourselves?

Christina: I’m Christina, originally from Germany, Dresden specifically, and I’m studying psychology here for half a year; one semester at the Radboud University’s Erasmus Programme.

Simon: I’m Simon from the south of Germany, and I did my masters in artificial intelligence here. This is my fourth year in Nijmegen and I’m already done with my masters but I still like singing.

How did you find out about the NSKAD?

Christina: I saw it at the Radboud University orientation market together with an Erasmus Programme friend of mine. We were looking for a choir, we saw the NSKAD and really liked how it was presented, and then went to the open rehearsals.

Simon: I saw it in my first week here, the NSKAD held a small concert in Lux, and then I joined because I’d already been in a choir in Germany for half a year and enjoyed the experience there.

What’s your experience been since then?

Simon: It’s really cool! I like that there’s a lot of choir activities besides rehearsals. I like the level, I like that there’s a lot of people who sing really well, I can really learn a lot from other choir members.

Christina: For me it’s the same. It’s quite a high level, everybody can join who wants to join, which is really surprising in some way. In the beginning I was a bit surprised that learning the repertoire is done at quite a fast pace, which means you have to put in effort and engage, which I like! Also the many activities, you feel very welcome in the first place when you come here and are invited to all the extra activities besides the rehearsals.

Simon: Actually, I first went to look at a rehearsal four years ago, and back then I felt a little left out. I didn’t speak Dutch at the time, the choir was still conducted in Dutch, and in general everybody spoke Dutch. Somehow at the time nobody really took care of me or gave me a score or anything. It didn’t click. I ended up joining the Campus Choir and singing there for a year and a half. But now it was totally different, coming back after three years.

Christina: Yeah, my experience was really warm, people were welcoming. There was somebody at the door saying “Hi! Do you know if you’re an alto or soprano? Altos can sit here!” The fact that rehearsals are done in English is also very comfortable.

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